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We take into consideration the needs and requirements of our customers while packing our products. Our matured coconuts are harvested selectively. This procedure allows us to ship only the best products from our farm, ensuring high quality and excellent taste. The amount of husk inside the coconut shell is directly dependent on various factors like temperature, route/destination, transit time and the type of container used amongst others.

We also facilitate the production of printed bags, if our clients request for the same. We make use of polypropylene high tensile bags or net bags for packaging. Our bags are stitched using machines, thereby completely negating the possibility of bags tearing or ripping apart during transport and delivery. The containers are visually examined to make sure they are clean, free of any kind of dirt or impurity. They are also checked to ensure that they are odorless and intact.

We specialize in shipping our products in cargo on pallets. The benefits of using pallets are as follows:

Palletized products can be loaded, unloaded and moved quickly, making the entire process of handling and shipment easy. This in turn helps in:

Quick turnaround of delivery vehicles

  • Increased operational efficiency of transport equipment
  • Quick availability of the trailer door for the next arrival
  • Reduction of labor
  • Decreased risk of temperature abuse on perishable products
  • These products can be more easily stored in warehouses
  • Minimum equipment required for handling palletized products
  • Palletized products have increased drainage and air circulation, resulting in the products retaining their freshens and stability for long periods of time

The aforementioned benefits result in reduced risk of product damage or worker injuries

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