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The coconut is a member of palm family. The term coconut can refer to the whole palm or the seed. The word coconut is taken from the Portugal and Spanish word COCO which means Skull or Head as the three eyes resembles the facial features.

Coconuts are known for their diverse nutritional and medical values since time immemorial. Filled with maximum nutritional values what human needs to protect his body from diseases, it is also called as a Fruit of Life.


These are fully matured coconuts but while de-husking, the husk is left intact over the "eyes" of the coconut. This is a sensitive area, and by protecting it we can increase the shelf life of the coconut as the area susceptible to decay is protected.


These are also fully matured coconuts but the husk is removed completely. The shelf life of this variety is little less than the semi husked ones but since there is no husk, handling these coconuts can be done without a mess. These coconuts have to be stored in a cool and dry place.

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