The Amazing Benefits Of Copra Coconut

Copra is the dried form of coconut meat. On a commercial scale, initially the firm white coconut meat of a matured coconut is processed in a hot kiln at a certain temperature to remove the moisture content from the coconut. At this stage, the coconut becomes dry and lightly browned. This product is called the […]

Is Coconut Oil Good For Your Daily Life?

Researchers around the world have been studying the attributes of coconut oil from as early as the 1930s. Several studies that were conducted among a population that was on a diet rich in coconut products have shown good signs. They were reported to be healthy and robust. They in fact had good dental and vascular […]

The reasons to drink more coconut water

Nutritionists around the world recommend regular consumption of young coconut water or tender coconut water not just to enjoy the refreshing aspects of this delicious juice, but also for the innumerable health benefits that it offers. Tender coconut water is considered to have incredible properties to facilitate the normal functioning of all the vital organs […]

Main Uses Of Coconut Shells

Coconut shell, a once discarded outer hard cover of a coconut is now a product of great demand. In addition to the known fact that coconut shells are used in handicraft industry to make very interesting pieces of art, coconut shells have various other uses apart from the arts and crafts industry. This section throws […]

Vashini Exports, The Leading Indian Coconut Supplier, Offers Golden Brown Colour Coconut

Vashini Exports is a leading Indian coconut supplier, who has been exporting high-quality golden brown coconuts for the last 6 years. They have certified coconut farms in South India, and have obtained certifications like Global GAP Certification, Organic Certification, and Final Product Residue Certification, which vouch for the quality of products sold by the company. […]

Little Known Facts About Young Coconut and Why They Matter

Till recently, the numerous health benefits of young coconuts were not known to many people. Now, the whole world is going gaga over the multiple benefits of consuming young coconut water and meat. Young coconut water is highly nutritious unlike the water that you get from mature coconuts. Water from young coconuts is crystal clear […]

Things You Should Know About Coconut Suppliers In India

The popularity of coconut is on the rise. Now, people are aware of its innumerable heath benefits. It is also a popular ingredient in sweets and savouries. There are umpteen coconut suppliers in India, and they deal with a variety of coconuts like tender coconut, copra, semi husked coconut, etc. You will find coconut suppliers […]

Tips For Getting Better Semi Husked Coconuts

Semi husked coconuts are mature coconuts with distinct flavour and fragrance. They are used in sweets and savouries. Semi husked coconuts from naturally grown trees are the best. Why people prefer semi husked coconuts is because they do not have much husk or fibre, so it is easy to peel them. It is effortless to […]

What Are The Health Benefits Of Young Coconut?

Coconut is considered as one of the greatest gifts on this planet. The reasons are plenty. The coconut water and coconut meat that you find in young coconuts have several health benefits. The coconut water in tender coconuts passes through many fibres. This is a kind of purification process and it takes many months to […]

How To Select High Quality Golden Brown Color Coconuts?

Coconuts are sought after world over nowadays. Earlier coconuts were demonized as UN healthy foods and every dieter was asked to stay off them. Now it has been proven that coconut is highly beneficial for people trying to lose weight. Coconuts are a vital food source and is fast gaining global acceptance as Asian and […]