Coconut water is a natural source of all the vital supplements that your baby needs. For this reason it is considered a wonder tonic that boosts energy to an incredible level. Next to mother’s milk, coconut water is considered a complete food for babies as it contains high levels of lauric acid next to breast milk. It is even considered to be superior to baby’s regular formula milk. The baby’s body uses lauric acid to form monolaurin which is an essential disease fighting component. Therefore, doctors recommend nursing mothers and pregnant women to take coconut water regularly.

Coconut water is more nutritious than whole fat milk and it has excellent antifungal, antiviral and antimicrobial properties necessary for the baby to fight against a whole lot of viral infections. Since coconut water has only natural sugar, salts and vitamins, it serves as an excellent drink to boost up the body instantly.

Coconut water contains several organic compounds that promote growth. It is also pure and hygienic. Therefore you need not worry about contamination and you can give your baby coconut water while you are outing.

hqdefaultCoconut water is loaded with electrolytes that are helpful to hydrate and energize the body. Hence coconut water is administered to treat conditions like diarrhoea and dysentery where there is a risk of losing large amounts of body fluids. It is also an excellent remedy for flatulence and colic pain in babies that happens frequently.

Constipation in babies is another common issue in babies. Coconut water has this amazing property to relieve constipation in babies. It aids in proper digestion thereby promoting normal bowel functioning. It is also an excellent remedy to treat intestinal worms in babies.

Several studies prove that coconut water is very effective in treating cholera in babies. It reduces acidosis and brings balance to the electrolytic level of the body.

Coconut water has very good antibacterial properties. The peptides present in coconut water are very effective in fighting against bacteria. It is better than the antibiotics that are commercially available in the market.

Coconut water is also an excellent diuretic that treats urinary tract infection in babies. Babies are often prone to urinary infections and administration of coconut water clears out the urinary bladder and urinary tract. Babies suffering from bilious fever are given coconut water which reduces the effect of fever. It reduces nausea and vomiting which are the symptoms associated with bilious fever. Drinking coconut water twice reduces stomach irritation and vomiting. The soothing and cooling effect of coconut water relieves stomach irritation.

Coconut water also offers amazing benefits when applied topically on the baby’s tender skin. Baby’s skin is very tender and very sensitive to the application of any kind of commercially available skin ointment. Unlike these creams and lotions that are meant to treat skin allergies and rashes, coconut water can be applied on the affected area. Continuous application will reduce rashes and clear out skin allergies caused due to prickly heat during summer.