The popularity of coconut is on the rise. Now, people are aware of its innumerable heath benefits. It is also a popular ingredient in sweets and savouries.

There are umpteen coconut suppliers in India, and they deal with a variety of coconuts like tender coconut, copra, semi husked coconut, etc. You will find coconut suppliers from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Uttarakhand and many more Indian states. The coconuts they deal with can be used for multi-purposes. They are used for cooking, for your body and hair. The husk is used for making coir products like coir carpets, coir boards, coir pith and coir textile. While you are dealing with coconut suppliers in India, you need to know a few more things about them.


If you are buying coconuts from a supplier in India, you will be naturally concerned about the qualityCoconut Supplier India of coconuts. Most of the suppliers are dealing with coconuts that are grown in natural farms without the use of pesticides in an organic way. To know more details about the products they supply, all you have to do is just browse. The websites have detailed information about the suppliers and the kind of coconuts their deal with. So you get to know all about the product that you wish to buy. Good coconuts are blessed with a natural fragrance. They won’t have any discolouration or any cracks on their outer shells. The coconut groves in India are naturally a fertile land and fertilizers will not bring about a stark difference in the quality of the coconut. For the very reason, most of the coconut farms in India are free of pesticides.


Suppliers who deal with good quality coconuts will have TUV certification, or certification from the Spices Board, which is under the purview of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, certification from the Coir Board or any other certification from a quality assessment agency. This is a proof of the quality of the coconuts they deal with and the authenticity of the coconut suppliers.

Durability & packaging

Most of the coconut suppliers in India are using the latest technology for packaging coconuts. There are even suppliers who deal exclusively with export quality coconuts. And to increase the shelf life of the coconut, they use high quality packaging. They are also ready to customise packaging according to the needs of the consumers. The packaging bags are as per the norms prescribed and protect against damage during transportation. The coconuts are exported in such a way that their taste and freshness remain intact. There will also be details about the nutrition content on the label of the pack.

Price factor

Coconut suppliers in India who have been in the business for long are selling coconuts at competitive prices. Some of the suppliers are also giving good offers while you buy coconuts in large quantities.

Variety on offer

Suppliers are dealing with fresh coconuts, copra, husked coconuts and many more, that can be used for different purposes. They stock most of the coconut varieties at all times, especially those that are in great demand.