Coconuts are fruits that are blissfully nurtured with the goodness of health and freshness of nature all extracted into the crunchy fibrous shell. It is an integral part of our Hindu rituals, medicines and cosmetics. The outer exocarp is the popular nut which is nothing but a thick coat called husk. Beneath the husk is the endocarp which is seen as the shell. The white soft layer called as the coconut meat is the endosperm and inside it is the sweet water. The dried kernel is the richest source of edible oil. During the oil manufacturing process the dried copra cakes that are released as by products act as protein feed for livestock animals.

The husk gives fibres that are used for making coir products like coir carpets, coir boards, coir pith and coir textile. Coir pit is an important soil conditioner for bringing about high fertile soil mix. Having known so much varied uses of this wonderful fruit; let us get to understand how to procure these from suppliers? What are the factors we need to keep in mind in order to buy the best coconuts?ID-100309745


The foremost point that needs to be primarily considered is the quality of the coconut. Coconut should have the aroma that reassures us about the quality of the fruit. Further it must also not be broken or cracks seen on the shells at the time of buying them all from the supplier. The coconut grove should be a fertile land and fertilizers are not supposed to be added to bring about a stark difference in quality.

Procure coconuts from certified suppliers

It is vital for coconut suppliers to have the TUV certification, certificate from the Spice Board under the purview of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, certification from the Coir Board and certification from quality Inspection agency. These certificates instill reliability in the minds of the consumers about the quality of the coconuts and authenticity of the coconut suppliers.


The coconuts should have a good shell life. Consumers should be in a position to store the coconut in good condition for a reasonable period of time.


Coconuts should be competitively priced. Suppliers should give good offers while coconuts are bought in large quantities.


Coconuts should be packed neatly by the supplier. The packaging bags should be as per the norms prescribed and must be able to protect against damage during transportation. The packaging should be such that the taste and freshness of the coconuts remains unaltered with all the details about the nutrition information printed on the label of the pack.

Variety of coconuts

There are fresh coconuts, copra, husked coconuts that are required for different purposes by consumers. The supplier should stock most of the coconut varieties especially those that are in great demand.

The suppliers should ensure that the purity, taste, quality and flavor of the coconut and the coconut products are not compromised. The supplier should have rich experience in sourcing coconuts from farmers who adopt the latest technologies in the field of coconut cultivation