Explain Coconut Processing

Processing coconuts for market use involves several processes to increase their shelf life and make them feasible for trading. The value added products of coconut such as coconut milk, coconut oil, copra, and coconut charcoal are manufactured using a number of advanced techniques that employ innovative machinery to make the process efficient. Several processes include […]

Fish Oil v/s Virgin Coconut Oil –What is the big difference

Let us begin by saying that both Fish oil and virgin coconut oil are healthy sources of dietary fat. Now with more people getting health conscious these oils have become popular inclusions in a healthy diet. To start with one can primarily categorize both the oil as fish oil is a healthy animal fat and […]

What are the risk factors and loss prevention methods of storing and transporting coconuts?

Coconuts are very sensitive to various factors such as heat, moisture and improper ventilation. Any of these factors could cause adverse effects to the coconuts by destroying them completely and reducing the nutritive value of the coconuts. The various risk factors and the corresponding loss prevention methods of storing and transporting coconuts are: Temperature:Coconuts must […]

What are the factors that influence the quality of coconut oil?

Coconut oil extracted from coconuts has drastic variation in the price in the national and international markets. Have you ever wondered why? Well, your quick thought could have given you a clue that it is because of the quality of coconut oil. Now, what causes this difference in quality? You could probably say it is […]

Coconut charcoal vs briquettes, which is best?

Coconut charcoal: It is one of the most wonderful gifts from nature and the best form of charcoal that has loads of benefits. Since it is 100% natural, it is completely safe. It is obtained by various processes that involve burning the shells of matured coconuts in a kiln with a limited amount of air. […]

What are the uses of coconut charcoal?

Coconut charcoal or activated charcoal, technically termed as activated carbon is a product obtained by burning the shells of fully matured coconuts. The global demand for coconut charcoal remains undiminished and is expected to surge even more due to its incredible adsorbing properties. It has various uses in different fields. 1. Detoxifying agent and poison […]

Factors that influence the growth of the famous Pollachi Coconut

Coconut is one of the significant plantation crops grown in our country. It holds a predominant significance in the agricultural economy of India. Coconut holds a plenty of uses that adds value to the economy. The tender coconut water is a popular healthy drink; the coconut oil is used in various applications from cosmetics to […]

What are the uses of copra?

Copra is the dried form of coconut meat. On a commercial scale, initially the firm white coconut meat of a matured coconut is processed in a hot kiln at a certain temperature to remove the moisture content from the coconut. At this stage, the coconut becomes dry and lightly browned. This product is called the […]

Market opportunities for coconut in the cosmetic industry

Coconut is a magical fruit that can be used in every single way. Each part of a coconut has its own specific uses. Its versatility makes it worthy to be used in various sectors including the cosmetic industry. Today’s consumer groups show interests for natural elements. Harmful artificial chemicals are constantly replaced by more natural […]

Export opportunities from India for coconut and coconut products

As one of the fastest growing economies in the world, India has a plethora of opportunities to enhance its exports. Coconuts and coconut products are one of the major export commodities for India. In fact, India is one of the top exporters of coconuts and its products around the world. Coconut production around the world […]