Coconut being an integral part in our day to day life, there needs to be a continuos supply for the huge consumer base. Coconuts are being used in medicine preparation, cosmetics, food, beverages, home decor, utensils, health products and many more. Every part of the coconut, be it the outer shell, inner fruit, the water, coir, the bark of the tree, the leaves are all very useful. One of the most important trees in agriculture is cID-100381200oconut because of its value addition and product diversification.

Vashini is one of the major suppliers and exporters of coconut in India. They have been in the field of coconut cultivation for many years. Since it a family business there is utmost dedication which is seen in the output of quality coconuts they produce. They are certified under Global GAP Certification , Organic Certification and Final Product Residue Certification. Their client satisfaction rates in various countries is high for excellent products and at reasonable rates. The coconuts from Vashini are aromatic, fresh and very nutritional. They have the capability to undertake bulk orders through out the year and export to countries all over the world. Shipping, handling and documenting the products are very transparent with the client. The packing unit at Vashini is well maintained under proper guidelines and is huge. Their packing is done using durable materials and adhere to international norms and conditions hence gaining points with the client’s trust. They export their products to countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Iraq, Dubai, Belgium, United Kingdom, England, New Zealand, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Finland, Russia, Spain, Albania, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Qatar.

Vashini supplies various type of coconuts which are freshly produced from farms which use high fertile soil and no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Vashini is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fresh coconuts that are delicious and nutritious. Their coconuts have a high shelf life. Fresh coconuts like Pollachi fresh coconuts and fresh organic coconut are available at Vashini. Husked coconuts symbolize fertility, prosperity and selflessness in Hindu rituals. Farm fresh coconuts, fresh king coconuts, fresh mature coconuts from well cultivated farms are supplied by Vashini. Dry coconuts and dried coconut meat are well dried without any molds and exported by Vashini.These dry coconuts are used in various cuisines, cosmetics, oils, soaps. Fully husked coconuts and semi husked coconut in various sizes and nutritional contents are available. Matured coconuts have thick and firm meat with high oil content and chewy texture. They are most sought after for various recipes. The coconut milk that is produced from mature coconuts are known for its multitude healing properties. It boosts the immune system and has anti bacterial properties. The coconut copra at Vashini is extremely high in protein content, has very little moisture and is free from bacterial contamination. Tufted coconut and coconut shells are supplied by Vashini at reasonable rates.

High end technology for production of coconuts and high quality packaging that maintains the freshness and aroma make Vashini the best supplier of coconuts.