Coconut charcoal or activated charcoal, technically termed as activated carbon is a product obtained by burning the shells of fully matured coconuts. The global demand for coconut charcoal remains undiminished and is expected to surge even more due to its incredible adsorbing properties. It has various uses in different fields.
1. Detoxifying agent and poison antidote:
Activated charcoal is used medicinally as an effective detoxifier to cleanse the body. In the event of accidental ingestion of poison, activated charcoal is administered to adsorb the toxins from the body. It reduces the absorption of poisonous substances that find entry into the gastrointestinal tract which includes the stomach and the intestines. Most of the hospitals use activated charcoal to pump the patient’s stomach in case of ingestion of poison. It is also one of the safest natural remedies for insect bites, colic pain in babies and stomach ulcers. It is also one of the most effective remedies for flatulence, abdominal pain and frequent passing of gas. Activated charcoal is sold as upgraded capsules to improve accuracy.

2. Teeth Whitener:
It works incredibly as a natural teeth whitener. Regular use clears all the stains caused by extensive use of coffee or smoking. It makes teeth whiter and brighter.

3. Charcoal soap:
It is used in the manufacture of natural charcoal soap. It has amazing moisturizing properties and is extremely skin-friendly to dry and sensitive skin.

4. Air and Water filters:
Coconut charcoal is used in air and water filters to clean the water and air. It adsorbs all the dust particles and binds them to withhold on its surface. It is used in outdoor ponds and fish tanks to keep it clean. In air filters, it adsorbs all the dust particles from the air and makes it safe and clean. It is highly recommended to people suffering from breathing issues like asthma.

5. Odour control:
Coconut charcoal is an excellent odour eliminator. Unlike other products that just cover up the bad odour, activated charcoal eliminates the odour completely. It is used in making face masks that provide protection against air pollution. It effectively eliminates pet odours, cigarette smells and refrigerator odours and much more. Readymade sachets are manufactured to be hung in the room to eliminate bad smells and clean the air.

6. Golf courses:
Coconut charcoal has a global market in developing golf courses. It is laid along with sand and other biomass materials before planting the grass.

7. Food industry:
It is used as a barbecue briquette as an affordable alternative to regular coal. It is used to prepare traditional food that requires baking with charcoal to add that smoky flavour.

8. Animal food supplement:
Coconut charcoal is used as an effective food supplement to cattle, pigs and poultry. The Food and Fertilizer Technology Centre, Asia Pacific has found out that using coconut charcoal as an animal food supplement has increased the milk production in cattle, increase in the weight of the pigs, disease reduction, increase in the life of pigs and poultry and reduction of bad odour in the manure.

9. Health supplement:
Upgraded coconut charcoal is recommended as a daily health supplement due to its innumerable goodness. It removes the toxins from processed food and saves from outdoor pollution. It boosts immunity and brain functioning and also helps to keep the bowels clean.