Coconut is considered as one of the greatest gifts on this planet. The reasons are plenty. The coconut water and coconut meat that you find in young coconuts have several health benefits. The coconut water in tender coconuts passes through many fibres. This is a kind of purification process and it takes many months to filter each litre of water. Studies show that young coconut water, which is clean and pure, has high concentration of electSell_Dried_coconut_Fresh_coconutrolytes.

It has many life saving properties. It is a proven fact that coconut water is similar to human blood plasma, comprising about 55 percent of the total human blood.

Some claim that coconut water is a blood purifier, and so drinking coconut water gives a person an instant blood transfusion. And many people’s lives have been saved by giving coconut water.

You can drink the water of four or five young coconuts a day as they are totally fat-free. The water in one young coconut doesn’t have even 50 calories. Young coconut meat contains only 65 calories. Like coconut water, the meat or jelly of young coconuts is filled with nutrients that can prevent aging.

The water and flesh of young coconuts have B vitamins, which break down carbohydrates and proteins. They are good not only for the nervous system, but for our stomachs, too.
Young coconuts can cure heart, liver and kidney disorders. In fact, a recent study shows that young coconuts can reduce the viral load of HIV. There have even been claims that the meat and water of tender coconut can cure stomach cancer!

They are high in minerals, particularly calcium, magnesium and potassium, which are essential for the strength of bones, heart and muscles.Young coconuts are loaded with fibre, which is essential for good digestion, and also to prevent constipation.Coconut water should be consumed by children as well as adults who work out a lot.

Don’t confuse fresh green coconuts with old brown coconuts

Young coconuts are very different from mature coconuts. Young coconut meat is soft and tender. It is a popular ingredient in puddings and beverages. Mature coconuts and coconut milk have fat content. Mature coconut water is not as good as tender coconut water. It not only tastes bad, but the nutrient content is also low.

Health benefits at a glance

  • You body needs a daily dose of at least 130 grams of carbohydrates for energy and also for the proper functioning of kidneys and heart. One serving of a young coconut contains 17 grams of carbohydrates. So you can image how much grams of carbohydrates your body will get by eating one whole young coconut.
  • Young coconut meat is a good source of manganese, which is essential to prevent blood clotting. One serving of young coconut will give you 50 percent of the daily recommended dose of manganese.
  • Young coconut meat is loaded with potassium. A serving gives you 15 percent of the potassium you need every day.
  • One serving of coconut gives you 6 percent of the magnesium your body requires each day. Magnesium is essential for the proper functioning of your muscles and kidneys.