Semi husked coconuts are mature coconuts with distinct flavour and fragrance. They are used in sweets and savouries. Semi husked coconuts from naturally grown trees are the best. Why people prefer semi husked coconuts is because they do not have much husk or fibre, so it is easy to peel them. It is effortless to break them as well for grating purpose. Good semi husked coconuts will be filled with refreshingly sweet coconut water. Here are a few tips to find good quality semi husked coconuts.

Do research

You can find good quality semi husked coconut suppliers from all over the world on the internsemi husked coconutet. And most of these sites have given detailed descriptions about the suppliers and the coconuts they deal with. For eg. From where the coconuts are procured, their colour, size, maturity, certification if any, etc. Read the details, and if the supplier or distributor has mentioned that the semi husked coconut they deal with are from naturally grown trees, then the coconut won’t have much husk on them.

To get good quality products, you must buy semi husked coconuts from a skilled coconut supplier. So what makes a skilled coconut supplier? Here are a few pointers.

Quality check

A skilled coconut supplier will deal only with quality products. Check if the supplier is buying premium quality semi husked coconuts from dependable coconut farms. They will be able to give good quality coconuts at reasonable rates as well if they have been in the business for a long time.

Look for certification

To get better semi husked coconuts, the supplier should have some of the crucial certifications like the GAP Certification, Organic certification, TUV certificate, Certificate from the Ministry of Trade and Commerce, AGMARK etc.  This is a proof that the semi husked coconuts they supply are of first quality.

Packaging matters

If you are buying coconuts online, you have to check whether the supplier is using the latest packaging techniques to preserve the quality of semi husked coconuts. Otherwise, by the time the product reaches you they would have started to decay. Packaging is very important if you want tasty and good quality coconuts. Since semi husked coconuts have little husk or fibre, they can easily get damaged. They should be stored in the right temperature for a longer shelf life. See whether the supplier is using quality bags with high tensile strength. Good suppliers will also be willing to customise packaging according to the needs of the customers.