Coconut is a nature’s gift to mankind as it is a source of food, beverage, oilseed, fibers, timber, health products. It is one of most important ingredient in our day to day life. Coconut is an integral part of cooking, used in Hindu rituals, cosmetics, herbal medicines, health products, home decor, utensils and many more purposes. The most important and economically valuable produce of coconut palm is its fruit popularly known as ‘nut’. It is index12 copymade up of an outer exocarp, a thick fibrous fruit coat known as husk; underneath lies the hard protective endocarp or shell. Lining the shell is a white albuminous endosperm or ‘coconut meat’ and the inner cavity is filled with a clear sweet refreshing liquid called ‘coconut water’. The kernel of a matured nut is the most precious product used for edible purpose. The dried kernel or copra is the richest source of edible oil and a by-product coconut oil cake, a source of vegetable protein used as an ingredient for livestock feed. The shell as such is used for fuel purpose, shell gasifier as an alternate source of heat energy, making handicrafts, ice-cream cups and other commercial products like shell powder, shell charcoal and activated carbon. The husk yields fibres, which is converted into coir and coir products viz., coil carpets, coir geo-textile, coir composite, coir safety belts, coir boards, coir asbestos and coir pith. Coir pith a secondary by product is used as soil conditioner and mending all types of soils. When you buy coconuts from the suppliers there are a lot of factors that need to be considered.

 Quality – First and foremost that needs to be considered is the quality of the coconut. The coconut should be fresh and undamaged. It should maintain the aroma and the freshness. Every part of the coconut be it the outer shell or the nut, should not be broken or damaged. The coconut should be grown in rich fertile soil and should be free of pests and diseases. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers should not be used to grow the quality coconuts.

Certified – The coconuts supplier must have a certification for quality and process from a reliable board that is valid to supply coconuts to the consumers.

Durability – The coconut provided by the supplier should have a long shelf life. The consumer should be able to store the coconut for a specified amount of time and not be easily perished.

Price – The coconut bought should be available at a reasonable rate. When buying in bulk many suppliers do give good offers.

Packaging – Packaging is an important factor while considering buy coconut from a supplier. The product should be neatly packed in a strong bag or case that maintains the freshness of the coconut as well does not damage them while transportation.

Variety – There are various types of coconuts for different purposes. Fresh coconuts, dry coconuts, husked coconuts, coconut copra are all the different types that any consumer requires. The coconut supplier should have a variety of these types easily available.