Coconuts are one of the most nutritious fruits available naturally to humans. Grown in tropical climates, coconuts have become a staple in many Southeast Asian nations and other regions with tropical climates.

There are two major forms of coconuts based on their development, which are consumed widely- the young coconut and the mature states. The young coconuts usually have a green shell and a whitish husk when the green shell is removed. You coconuts also contain a lot of water or juice and the flesh of the fruits is fairly loose, smooth and gel like. Young coconuts are also comparatively larger and heavier than mature coconuts. Mature coconuts on the other hand are smaller. They contain lesser moisture and have brown husk. Mature coconuts also contain more outer husk or fiber as compared to young coconuts. Mature coconuts also contain lesser water and contain more r flesh. The meat or flesh of the mature coconuts is more compact, solid and firm as compared to younger coconuts making it easier to use.vashini_product2

Although there both, young and mature coconuts, are richer in nutrients than any other fruit; mature coconuts are more preferred than the young ones. The energy available from both the water and flesh of mature coconuts is much higher than that available from young ones. Also, nutrients and minerals such as iron, calcium and potassium which are absent in young coconuts are available in mature coconuts. Mature coconuts also contain a good amount of protein and very little to no fat. Although the level of moisture is mildly lesser than in young coconuts, mature coconuts are nutrient packed which make them more preferable for our diets. Another interesting property of mature coconuts which make them superior to young coconuts is the presence of healthy fatty acids such as palmitic acids, lauric acids and other healthy triglycerides which hold anti bacterial and antiviral properties that improve and boost the immune system. Mature coconuts are also protein rich which helps in reducing weight and in boosting daily energy. Regular use of mature coconuts also reduces cholesterol and decreases fatigue.

Mature coconuts have a dense flesh is used in extraction of coconut milk which is extremely nutrient rich. Coconut milk is a good substitute for dairy milk and is commonly used in cooking to get a creamy flavorful base. The meat of mature coconut is not only tasty but also has properties that help rejuvenate skin, reduce wrinkles, and reduce the incidence of heart disorders and bacterial and viral diseases. Mature coconut flesh also helps increase metabolism improve thyroid functions which makes it all the more necessary to be included in the daily diet. T he dried coconut flesh also commonly called as copra which is extremely tasty and packed with nutrients. It also yields oil which is one of the healthiest natural oils which adds a wonderful flavor to food.

Coconut has multiple properties that make it important for us to include it in out diet. However, make sure that you choose organic and healthy coconuts to get the maximum health benefits from this nutrient rich fruit.