Incredible Facts About Green Young Indian Coconuts

Coconuts are nutrient packed super fruits of the Cocos nucifera palm tree which grows in tropical climates. Coconut is found abundantly in the Southeast Asian belt of the world and the Southern part of India is blessed with coconut plantations. Based on the age and life cycle, coconut can be classified as young coconut and […]

Reasons Why You Should Use Matured Coconuts In Your Diet

Coconuts are one of the most nutritious fruits available naturally to humans. Grown in tropical climates, coconuts have become a staple in many Southeast Asian nations and other regions with tropical climates. There are two major forms of coconuts based on their development, which are consumed widely- the young coconut and the mature states. The […]

How to choose semi husked coconut suppliers in India?

Semi Husked Coconut is well known for its distinct flavor and the goodness of fresh coconut water that goes a long way to describe the long standing inter relation between mankind and nature. Nourished from the naturally grown trees do not have much husk on them and it’s easier to peel them off. Coconuts have […]

How Vashini Exports is always a leading coconut supplier in India?

Coconut being an integral part in our day to day life, there needs to be a continuos supply for the huge consumer base. Coconuts are being used in medicine preparation, cosmetics, food, beverages, home decor, utensils, health products and many more. Every part of the coconut, be it the outer shell, inner fruit, the water, […]

Things To Look For When Buying Coconuts From Coconut Suppliers

Coconut is a nature’s gift to mankind as it is a source of food, beverage, oilseed, fibers, timber, health products. It is one of most important ingredient in our day to day life. Coconut is an integral part of cooking, used in Hindu rituals, cosmetics, herbal medicines, health products, home decor, utensils and many more […]

What are the health benefits of coconut water for babies?

Coconut water is a natural source of all the vital supplements that your baby needs. For this reason it is considered a wonder tonic that boosts energy to an incredible level. Next to mother’s milk, coconut water is considered a complete food for babies as it contains high levels of lauric acid next to breast […]

How does coconut water dissolve kidney stones?

Nutritionists around the world recommend regular consumption of young coconut water or tender coconut water not just to enjoy the refreshing aspects of this delicious juice, but also for the innumerable health benefits that it offers. Tender coconut water is considered to have incredible properties to dissolve kidney stones in a natural way. It is […]

Role Of Coconut Water In The Growth of Human Tissue

Coconut water is called the dew from the heavens as it contains some of the most divine qualities to nourish the body. Coconut water contains a variety of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, growth factors and phytonutrients. Coconut water is rich in potassium and also contains a variety of other elements such as […]

Innovative Uses Of Coconut Charcoal

Amongst all the popular types of charcoal obtained from various trees, coconut charcoal stands to be the best choice. Coconut palm products such as coconut water, meat, oil and nectar have gained increasing popularity. But the most interesting part is the use of the left over husks which are otherwise only a wasted by-product of […]