Amongst all the popular types of charcoal obtained from various trees, coconut charcoal stands to be the best choice. Coconut palm products such as coconut water, meat, oil and nectar have gained increasing popularity. But the most interesting part is the use of the left over husks which are otherwise only a wasted by-product of coconut. This coconut shell is an incredible resource of all goodness to mankind.

When it comes to charcoal, ensuring that it is from a reliable source. Coconut stands number one in being the reputable source of activated charcoal that is totally safe and pure. This coconut charcoal has an ultra-absorbent property that makes it ideal for improving soil quality and to be infused in a number of household products like clothing, toothbrushes, toothpastes, eye masks, soaps and face towels. Here are some of the innovative ways to use coconut charcoal.

Internal Use:

Coconut charcoal is an excellent agent in treating several food-borne illnesses. It is used in hospitals to administer it to people suffering from drug overdoses and food poisoning. It is also used for patients reporting accidental intake of household chemicals. It is the best known remedy for any sort of internal intoxication.

Detoxification Of External Toxins:

Accumulation of chemicals in the human body results in conditions like health fog, loss of memory, poor digestion and low energy levels. Coconut charcoal is the best cost-effective means to limit your exposure to such pollutants. If used externally, it acts an incredible natural scrub to exfoliate the skin. It prevents the absorption of chemicals into the body through the skin

Personal Care:

Coconut charcoal has the ability to remove stains effectively. It has this bleaching property where it is used to process cane sugar to white granular sugar. This property is utilized in the form of toothpaste to restore stained teeth to their natural white.

Beauty Care:

Coconut charcoal is excellent as a face mask. It contains less metals than any other popular clays and it is also affordable than other beauty products and easily available. Coconut charcoal face mask absorbs excess oil and clears clogged pores. It also removes acne and age spots.

Air Freshener:

Coconut charcoal is an excellent alternative to other dangerous neurotoxic chemicals infused in chemical air fresheners. You can bid farewell to chemical freshening wipes and aerosol sprays and switch to the healthy coconut charcoal sachet or potpourri to freshen up the atmosphere at home. Place it in your closet, inside your shoes, under your pillows and washroom to keep the bad odour at bay.

Air Filter:

Coconut charcoal has an important place in the commercial air purifiers available in the market. All of these brands make use of this capacity of coconut charcoal to filter the air and keep it germ free. Indoor air quality is affected by harmful chemicals such as dust, smoke, mildew, bacteria, dander, volatile compounds from paint and furniture.

Water Purification:

Most water filters available in the market use coconut charcoal which is activated carbon. This coconut charcoal has a vast surface area and is capable of filtering unwanted substances. An easy way used to clean small amounts of water is to dip a coconut charcoal bar in the container of water for a couple of hours until it absorbs all the impurities.