Coconuts are nutrient packed super fruits of the Cocos nucifera palm tree which grows in tropical climates. Coconut is found abundantly in the Southeast Asian belt of the world and the Southern part of India is blessed with coconut plantations.

Based on the age and life cycle, coconut can be classified as young coconut and as mature coconut. You coconut has a green shell with loose gel like flesh whereas mature coconut is brown with higher fibre content and a dense, firm flesh as compared to young coconut. Another difference is the water or the juice content; young coconut has more water content than mature content making young coconuts ideal to quench thirst.ID-10082097

Despite the fact that both young and mature coconuts have high nutrition content, young coconuts have an edge. Young Indian coconuts grown across the southern belt of India has incredible nutritive properties. The green young Indian coconuts are rich in numerous minerals and the water is packed with electrolytes. The young coconut water also called as tender coconut water is rich in cytokinins which have anti-aging and anti-cancer properties. The water of young coconuts also contain a variety of enzymes such as polymerases, dehydrogenases, acid phosphatase and catalases which improve metabolism and digestion. The water also contains a large amount of water with help maintain the body’s temperature and water balance.

The flesh or the meat of young Indian coconuts is rich in minerals like copper, iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium which are important for the healthy growth and development of the body. These micro and macro nutrients present in young coconut help protect the body against many disorders and improve immune system. Young coconuts are also a good source of vitamin b complex such as niacin, riboflavin and thiamine which is necessary for a healthy body. The flesh is low in calories and contains a god mix of healthy fatty acids such as lauric acid, palmitic acid and other healthy triglycerides which help reduce cholesterol and decrease the occurrence of heart diseases. Young Indian coconuts also contain bioactive compounds which boost the immune system and help maintain a healthy and youthful body.

Another incredible fact about young Indian coconuts is that they are used to extract virgin coconut oil which is one of the healthiest oil available. Virgin coconut oil is ideal for cooking because of its pleasant flavour and its richness in compounds which increase the good HDL in blood thus decreasing heart problems. Coconut oil extracted from green young coconuts is also commonly used to nourish hair and scalp. Coconut oil has properties to improve hair growth and reduce hair fall. However, low grade coconuts oils obtained by heavy chemical processing and treatments are also available in the market which can cause more harm than good.

Young Indian coconut grown in the southern coastal belt of India has numerous incredible properties which make it special. Their nutrient rich properties combined with low costs have made it an important dietary element.