Semi Husked Coconut is well known for its distinct flavor and the goodness of fresh coconut water that goes a long way to describe the long standing inter relation between mankind and nature. Nourished from the naturally grown trees do not have much husk on them and it’s easier to peel them off. Coconuts have the best of minerals that are widely used in various medical applications. Suppliers procure the coconuts from fresh coconut farms process them and pack them in high quality packs that ensure their freshness and safe product delivery.

Let us see through what makes up for a competent semi husked coconut supplier.


Quality is one of the prime requirements that make for a good coconut supplier. The supplier should engage in sourcing premium quality semi husked coconuts from reliable coconut groves and farms. The supplier must procure fresh coconuts at reasonable rates and this becomes possible if they have been in the business for a consistent period of time. Being in the trade for a long period helps the suppliers to be well versed in the demand – supply pattern, quality, price, quality procurement of produce from farms at a definite price, marketing strategy and packing technology. This information proves very useful for the smooth running of the agri based trade.


The suppliers should have the necessary certifications like the GAP Certification, Organic certification, TUV certificate, Certificate from the Ministry of Trade and Commerce, AGMARK etc. These certificates increase the reputation of the supplier in the buyers’ mind.

Excellent Packaging

Suppliers of semi husked coconuts should use packaging techniques that prevent all forms of decay and discolouration. They should be up to date with the latest packing technology solutions. Further the packaging solutions should be customized by understanding the needs of the customers. The semi husked coconuts that are handpicked selectively by experts in the field are only shipped across the globe. The packing procedure ensures that the coconuts taste the best and are of excellent quality. Although in semi husk coconuts there could be little husk, much of it is dependent on factors like temperature, transit time, container type etc. packing bags are stitched by machines ruling out errors like tearing and ripping apart during transit. Polypropylene bags with high tensile strength, printed bags and net bags are chosen for packing. Post the packaging process; there should be an inspection to verify whether the containers are clean and the contents are odourless and intact inside the pack.

Logistics management

The entire shipment and goods delivery process should be handled with due care and diligence. Effective logistics management results in the following benefits.

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • On time availability of trailer
  • Reduction of labour
  • Reduced risk of temperature influence on products


Products should be sourced from the best known farms and must be plucked from trees that grow on extremely fertile. The soil should be free of all kinds of weeds, plant diseases and excessive application of pesticides. The products should be approved by internationally credited inspection agencies on product quality, aroma, nutritional standard and safety. All these factors would assure the buyers of a healthy content and the product having a good shell life period.

High end technology solutions

The coconut supplier should be abreast with the latest technology solutions for processing and packing the coconuts. The processes should only ensure more taste, fresh aroma and guaranteed purity that the consumers would want to come again for more. The entire procedure should be distinctively unique starting from procurement of the best coconuts from known farms to processing, warehousing, packaging and finally shipment. Every step should set the semi husked coconut supplier a class apart from the rest making the trading concern an undisputed leader in coconut trade in the market.

Research and development

Constant efforts to stay ahead make the trader invest time and money in research and development. Also coherently working with agriculture experts and allied professionals who are seasoned in the field of coconut plantation can take the business to the next level.

Coconut trade is an agri based business. Moreover India is predominantly an agrarian economy and flourishing of such agri based trade can life up the status of Indian Agriculture in the global scenario.