Let us begin by saying that both Fish oil and virgin coconut oil are healthy sources of dietary fat. Now with more people getting health conscious these oils have become popular inclusions in a healthy diet. To start with one can primarily categorize both the oil as fish oil is a healthy animal fat and coconut is a rich plant that can boast of a long traditional history.

Get to know the oils that keep your body fit and fine

Coconut oil predominantly contains two medium chain saturated fatty acids which are Lauric acid and caprylic acid. A study in the Journal of Medical Food in 2013 revealed that coconut oil treated anti biotic resistant bacteria Clostridium efficiently. Medium chain fatty acids are useful for burning up fat to help in effective weight loss.

Fish oil is a form of fatty acid taken from the tissues of oily fishes. It is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic (DHA). The essence of these ingredients in the daily diet has gained the attention of nutritionist and health professionals all over the world.

Benefitting factor

The lauric acid present in coconut oil gets converted to monoglyceride monolaurin which is responsible for building a strong immune system to fight against harmful microbes. Lauric acid is also present in Mother’s milk that is best and hence recommended for infants so that they have a solid resistance build up.

Fish oils have an anti inflammatory attribute and this helps in reducing the chances of contacting heart ailments and cancer. The EPA and DHA are transformed into hormone likes called prostaglandins that regulates cell activity and normalizes all cardio vascular functions.

Fatty acids

The medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil are broken down into and are fully utilized for energy production and does not deposit as body fat in the artery walls. The oil supports healthy metabolism and cellular functions within the body.

The EPA and DHA help in healthy brain function and eye sight. DHA is an essential element for active brain functioning as it stimulates the working of the neural transmitters such as phosphatidylserine. DHA is also found in the retina tissues in the eye.

Advantage factor

Coconut oil has anti inflammatory properties. It makes the skin healthy and supple.

Fish oil is rich in Omega3 fatty acids that are important for healthy mobility.

Shell life

Coconut oil is stable and usually has a fairly long shell life. The medium saturated fatty acids make it solid during cold climate and semi liquid soft at room temperature. It is ideal for cooking as the saturated fatty acids present in coconut oil are resistant to high heat.

The fatty acids present in fish oil are polyunsaturated and get oxidized upon exposure to air and high temperatures.

Other factors

However we must also understand that although coconut oil is nourished to provide health benefits the fresh fragrance just sends out our senses to the beach. But that is not all about it virgin coconut oil and normal coconut oil are different due to their methods of extractions that differ from each other. The normal coconut oil is extracted from dried copra; whereas virgin coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconut milk. Virgin coconut oil comes as an anti oxidant booster. It is not exposed to any chemical process and as the name goes is synonymous with purity and therefore makes a perfect choice for healthy living.

Consumption of high quality fish oil keeps the blood vessels dilated and the heart healthy. Vegetarian diet does not supplement Omega 3 fatty acids. While vegetarians and vegans would opt for flax seed oil as an alternative to derive omega 3 nutrition the fact that fish oil which is a rich source remains to be more effective than others.