Coconut charcoal:

It is one of the most wonderful gifts from nature and the best form of charcoal that has loads of benefits. Since it is 100% natural, it is completely safe. It is obtained by various processes that involve burning the shells of matured coconuts in a kiln with a limited amount of air. The shells are burnt to a particular limit without completely destroying them. Over 50,000 coconut shells are required to produce about 1 Tonne of coconut charcoal. They are burnt to a consistency that it has a minimum of 72% fixed carbon and it is uniformly black in colour. It has no additives and it is made only from one ingredient which is the matured coconut shell. It can be used for a variety of purposes from manufacturing medicines to barbecue grills.

It is used in the manufacturing of soaps and toothpaste. It has enormous adsorbing properties and therefore it is used as a food supplement in both animals and humans to promote good health and immunity. It is all natural and therefore it is used in grilling food items. It lights up faster and the temperature can be adjusted easily as per the requirements. It also burns hotter than a regular briquette and therefore it is energy saving and efficient. It produces only very little ash after burning and does not cause pollution. A whole lot of eco-friendly uses have made it preferable in many industries like manufacturing of air and water purifiers, odour eliminators and even building golf courses.


They are not necessarily natural. They are formed as a by-product of wood. These are compressed portions with harmful additives along with saw dust and a whole lot of other particles that help them light and burn quickly and for a prolonged time. Since they have chemical additives, they are not safe. They do not ignite quickly as coconut charcoal does. Though they are cheap and required in small amounts when compared to coconut charcoal, they produce more amounts of ash and produce chemical smell due to the presence of harmful additives, causing air pollution. They have only limited uses because they are not natural. They cannot be used for barbecue grilling as they tend to produce bad chemical odours that can just pass on to the food that is being cooked and make it smell miserable. On the other hand, coconut charcoal is preferred for grilling and baking as it gives a pleasant smoky flavor to traditional dishes.

Considering the properties of coconut charcoal and briquettes, the former proves to be the forerunner with its astounding properties. It is a natural treasure that can be used in almost all aspects. It is safe for the health and the atmosphere as it filters the toxins from the body and the dust from the air and promotes the circulation of clean air to breathe. It is an excellent source of immunity booster and a must-have ingredient on the kitchen shelf. Using a bag of coconut charcoal is better and it also lasts longer than a bag of briquette with less helpful qualities.